Wodan Security at Intersec 2018 in Dubai

Wodan Security at the Intersec 2018 in Dubai!

Germany’s No. 1 provider of tactical training and security services expands its international network.

Exclusive insights of Wodan at Intersec 2018 and the latest trends of the global security industry!

Wodan Security: Intersec 2018, Dubai

After a very successful year 2017 Wodan Security has big plans for 2018!

Last year, Wodan Security made itself a big name with the 2nd International Bodyguard Conference feat. Team Zero, that gained a lot of international recognition and established the German security company worldwide as a serious player in the field of tactical training and security services.

Therefore, Wodan Security started the year with the next logical step to expand their global network: A trade fair stand at Intersec 2018 in Dubai.

We have some exclusive insights from the event and Wodan’s presence at the trade fair.

Departing: Dubai welcomed Team Wodan with its impressive blue sky and famous buildings.

The entrance of Intersec 2018, highlighting the patronage of  Sheikh Mansoor Bin Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum.

The royal family has a very serious interest in the security industry to maintain Dubai’s high standards as a secure center of international trade and tourism.

Therefore, the Intersec gets a lot of local support and international attention through the royal family’s worldwide network.

Here we are: The last moment’s before the opening of Wodan’s stand for the exhibition.

The view from Wodan’s stand. There was lot of local interest, wich is a good sign for the growth perspectives of the security industry in the UEA and their international partners.

Wodan Security CEO Ralf Kassner at the Wodan trade fair stand.

Pierre Bovelette and Ralf Kassner are taking a look around to learn more about the latest trends of the ever envolving market of security proucts and services.

This year, cybersecurity, surveilance tools, observation and especially drones were the biggest topics at the Intersec.

But after all, even with the most sophisticated technology – when things are getting really tricky, there is still some demand for good old muscle (and horse) power!

A riot control “tool”… that clearly would be nice to have, if the trouble begins!

Pierre Bovelette and Ralf Kassner at the “German Pavilion” of the Intersec.

Ralf Kassner confirmed, that trade fair was a great success for Wodan: The team is returning home with some very interesting cooperations and new international customers.

We will keep you updated about Wodan’s international activities!

So far, you may check out Wodan’s busy training schedule, including the 3rd International Bodyguard Conference this summer – taking place in Poland, this year.

Expect a high demand for all upcoming trainings of Wodan Security.

If you are interest in joining Wodan’s tactical trainings, you should contact the team early.

Wodan Security Training Schedule 2018

Here’s the schedule for Wodan’s upcoming trainings in 2018:

06.04. – 08.04. Hostile Environment Medical Training
20.04. – 04.05. Wodan Close Protection Course incl. CP Level 3 (SIA standard)

05.05. – 06.05. Tactical Pistol Training
07.05. – 08.05. Tactical Carbine Training
09.05. – 13.05. Hostile Environment Weapon Handling/Shooting
17.05. – 21.05. Marksmanship – Level 1 long Range
31.05. – 04.06. CQB

July: 3rd International Bodyguard Conference (tba)

10.06. – 25.06. Close Protection Advanced, incl. diving + open water boat training

Call: +491714996928
E-Mail: info@wodan-security.de




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