The New TTOS Podcast: Visual Tracking for Special Operations

Tactical Tracking Operations School (TTOS) has launched a new podcast series about visual tracking for special forces and special operations. 

TTOS is the leading provider of trainings for visual tracking for combat and special operations worldwide.

TTOS trains US Rangers, Delta Force, Navy SEALS, European Special Forces, Philippine SOF and Anti-Poaching Units in Africa, just to name a few.

You can expect a pretty high level of SOF insights and experience in their podcast series.

Episode 1 is live, now. You can download or listen right away.

Learn more about TTOS here:

TTOS: The Art of SOF Manhunting

Podcast Screenshot Episode One

Outside the US

If you are from outside the US, maybe you will get the message that the podcast is not available for your region.

But go ahead, just press the button or switch to iTunes (instead of using the Apple Podcast App).

iTunes will display “Not available for your region” as well – but we just ignored the message and by pressing the “Play” button we were able to listen to the full podcast in Europe.

Just give it a try, it worked for us here.

iTunes TTOC Potcast Link


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