Over 50 courses will be presented this year, including instructor level certifications, armorer certifications, classroom and practical training.

Courses are filled on a first come first served bases.

Training courses, shuttle service to off-site locations, breakfast on day 1, lunch on day 2 and dinner/drinks/casino reception/prizes are all included in the conference registration fee of $299.99.

Courses Include:

4-Dimensional Firearm Defense (4DFD)
Active Shooter Events and Response
Aerial Platform Shooting for SWAT

AR-15 / M-16 Armorer Certification Course
Barricaded Suspect Resolution
Carbine Movement Under Fire (Live Fire)

Chemical Munitions Instructor Certification (Def-Tech)
Chemical Munitions Instructor Certification (CTS)
Close Quarters Defense (Gun, Knife & Handcuffing)

Code 4 Concepts; Control Tactics
Code 4 Concepts; Tactical Team Combatives
Current Trends in Terrorism

Distraction Device Instructor Certification (ALS)
Distraction Device Instructor Certification (CTS)
Distraction Device Instructor Certification (Def-Tech)

Featured Debrief: Century 16 Theater Shooting Debrief
Fundamentals of First Aid in a Tactical Environment
Ground Defensive Combatives

High-Risk Warrant Planning for Team Leaders
Hostage Rescue Tactics
Incident & Tactical Command Post Operations

Incident Response to Terrorist Bombings
Introduction to Helmet Mounted NVGs and IR Lasers
Law Enforcement and First Response Tactical Casualty Care (LEFR-TCC)

Less Lethal Impact Munitions Instructor (ALS)
Less Lethal Impact Munitions Instructor (CTS)
Less Lethal Impact Munitions Instructor(Def-Tech)
Less Lethal Tactical Decision Making

Multiple Assault Counter-Terrorism Action Capability
Negotiations Track: Most Common Negotiations Mistakes
Negotiations Track: Suicide 101: A Negotiators Perspective

Negotiations Track: Understanding our Subjects Motivation & How to Influence their Behavior

PepperBall Instructor Certification Course
Prevention and Response to Suicide Bombing Incidents
Remington 870 Shotgun Armorer Certification

Rescue Tactics for Linear Targets (Bus, Rail)
Resistance at the Threshold
Response to an Armed Intruder: How to train your Community Primer

Scenario Instructor Certification (Simunition)
Shotgun Breaching Operator Certification

Sniper Track: The Sniper Mindset
Sniper: Urban Sniper Hides
Structure Clearing Strategies (Mini-Block)

SWAT Legal Issues
SWAT Selection, Testing & Training

Tactical Team Leader Development Course
Tactical Vehicle Intercept/ Vehicle Assaults
Tactics & the O.O.D.A. Loop

Taser Instructor Certification/Re-Certification
Training Management and Risk Mitigation for SWAT
Urban Sniper (Live Fire)

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