Review: Team Zero Malta Pistol Course + Low Light Training

Some of the world’s leading experts in firearms training!

Pistol Course, Low Light Training, No Light Training!

Supervised by Paul Bonnici, Instructor Zero, Paolo Simeone and Team Zero!

Exclusive insights and images from an impressive training event!

This Fall’s Team Zero Malta’s Pistol Course

Paul Bonnici had gathered some of the world’s most skilled experts for his Team Zero Malta Pistol Course in Malta, this fall.

Now, we are proud to present to our readers an exclusive collection of insights and pictures that show these most sought-after experts of advanced firearms-training working together on this year’s Team Zero Malta Pistol Course and Low Light Training!

© Paul Bonnici

Paul Bonnici, CEO of Elite Spartan Tactical Concept and Head of Team Zero Malta, organized this exklusive event in Malta, this year.

© Ralf Kassner

Instructor Zero came to Malta to join the training event of his friend Paul Bonnici as featured instructor.

© Ralf Kassner

Paolo Simone, Team Zero Italy, made his way from Italy to join the instructors’ ranks.

© Ralf Kassner

Corinne Mosher, Team Zero, supervising some of the event’s attendees training progress.

© Ralf Kassner

Ralf Kassner (left), CEO of Wodan Security (Germany), joined the ranks of the training’s attendees, this time.

Ralf is head instructor and host of the International Bodyguard Conference that takes place once a year with featured instructors like Paul Bonnici, Instructor Zero and Paolo Simeone.

This time he took off the role of a leading instructor to concentrate on refining his own skills. 

Shooting techniques for professionals

© Ralf Kassner

The event’s focus was set on pistol shooting for attendees with an advanced skill level and backgrounds in law enforcement and close protection service.

© Ralf Kassner

Instructor Zero, Paul Bonnici, Paolo Simeone (left to right) demonstrating shooting techniques.

© Ralf Kassner

Some of the equipment for the training.

© Ralf Kassner

Ralf Kassner during the training.

© Ralf Kassner

This message got an unanimous approval by all participants.

© Paul Bonnici

Debriefing and planning the next stage of training.

© Ralf Kassner

Paolo Simeone and… arrmm… we don’t know exactly what Paolo was up to with this very special…”training tool” in his hand, but we know that there is an old Zen-tradition to slap sleeping students with a stick to lead them into enlightenment. Therefore, we are pretty sure Paolo knows what he does.

© Ralf Kassner

Ralf Kassner on the shooting range.

© Ralf Kassner

Instructor Zero watching the participant’s and their progress during the training.

The Low Light – No Light Shooting Course

© Ralf Kassner

After the Pistol 1 Course started the Low Light and No Light Training Course.

© Paul Bonnici

The Low Light/No Light training was set up for experienced participants and got them into scenarios that close protection professionals and law enforcement officers have to face during an operation very often. 

© Ralf Kassner

Various scenarios with different levels of darkness and light.

© Ralf Kassner

Of course, after the training there was time to enjoy company and some of Malta’s famous food and beer.

Left to right: Paolo Simeone, Frederico Frassineti, the event’s host Paul Bonnici, Instructor Zero and Ralf Kassner.

Instructor Zero streamed some of these late reunions with his training buddies to his official  Facebook page for having some interesting Q&A with his followers.

Feedback and follow up!

© Paul Bonnici

And here is the whole “Wild Bunch” – the event’s trainers and trainees all together: In the first row, Pistol 1 Course attendees and trainers, below, the Low Light/No Light Course.

Overall feedback for the training was great!

Participants were excited by the professionalism, the skills and the genuine atmosphere of teaching and respect that all instructors brought into the course. 

And all instructors were very proud of the learning curve, the discipline and the progress of this event’s trainees. 

Not yet confirmed, Paul told us, that there may will be a follow-up event to this course next year.

We will keep you updated!

Read more feedback here:

Paul Bonnici Feedback 

Elite Spartan Tactical Concept


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