Paul Bonnici: This is the truth! Training will save lives!

Tactical Training Instructor Paul Bonnici:

About the importance of a higher level training!

How legislative have failed to train first responders well. 

The importance of a higher training in law enforcement and how it will save lives!

A cold hard fact: training is important!

Those who understand the importance of training absolutely know this is a fact.

It’s not a belief or an opinion nor a preference.

It’s certainly not an attitude.

It’s a cold hard fact: training is important.

But there’s a strange problem here; and you probably know what it is, either directly or indirectly.

Many people know that training is important.

Because, at one time or another, and in one form or another, we’ve all been valuably trained in something, or trained someone else to do something useful.

Yet, this basic knowledge is not widely reflected in today’s world.

© Paul Bonnici

To make life safer and secure

Its clear importance is not fully understood, and therefore, not fully exploited to make life safer and secure.

I have witnessed leadership failures in tactical training for several reasons, the most common being the selection and training process.

Legislative and mandated training in political correctness, cultural diversity, and racial profiling.

We have failed to train our first responders to a higher level.

Higher level training for first responders will save civilian as well as law enforcement lives.

Many times we focus on liability as an excuse not to train.

– by Paul Bonnici, Elite Spartan Tactical Concept + Team Zero Malta


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