Paul Bonnici: An innovative and extremely lethal Tactical Training!

The next level of tactical training and counter-terrorism!

A new system for security professionals and special forces units that is safer, faster, and extremely lethal!

Paul Bonnici, the innovative mastermind behind the “Confined Area Tactical Solution” and founder of Elite Spartan Tactical Concept (Malta) reveals his take on modern counter-terrorism and tactical training!

Who is Paul Bonnici?

Paul Bonnici is a former police officer from the Malta Police Force with twenty-five years of service, the majority of which he served 18 years with the Special Assignments Group (SF).

In 2011, he was assigned to the Police Academy as an instructor till 2013 where he was reassigned to the RIU as instructor to train and assist in forming of the new unit.

During Paul’s service, he acquired knowledge through many years of police work, and trained in close cooperation with some of the best special forces in the world:

The FBI Hostage Rescue Team (HRT), NCIS, Italy 9th Parachutist Assault Regiment “Col Moschin” and with the Israeli Defense Forces Instructors (IDF), in the use of special weapons and tactics wich are utilized in various capacities which include:

Inner perimeter security, building entry and suspect apprehension, hostage rescue, concealment, rappelling, delivery of chemical agents, Anti-Riot, driving and dignitary protection from 2005 till 2014.

Elite Spartan Tactical Concept is a training school and private security company, recently formed to provide a whole range of professional tactical training and security services to Police, Military, Forensic, Government Agencies, Entrepreneurs and the Community in general.

Elite Spartan Tactical Concept’s mission is to provide leading  edge tactical training, Executive Protection, logistic support, consultation to government, military, law enforcement, security and corporate entities worldwide.

(c) Paul Bonnici

Combat Tactics to confront terrorism in urban conflict

CQC: Dear Paul, would you give us a short introduction about your work?

Paul Bonnici: First of all, I would like to thank you, Thomas, for this Interview and also I would like to take this opportunity to introduce my tactical system which I developed and which I called Confined Area Tactical Solution “CATS”.

Those of us who have tactical training or were part of a tactical unit for the past two decades can remember, that we had to adapt to a relatively new change in combat tactics so that we can confront terrorism in urban conflict.

Since then, little changes has been made, and this was to our advantage.

On the other hand, we have to face that CQB/CQC tactics are no longer a secret as CQB/CQC tactics are now available to civilians, terrorist and organized criminals, thanks to social media, such as Youtube.

Terrorism: Insane individuals or rational acts by criminals?

CQC: What is your personal take on today’s threats of terrorism? Especially in Europe?

Paul Bonnici: There are no geographical boundaries to terrorist and organized criminals anymore.

Terrorism, contrary to popular opinion, is a rational act by criminals.

People who take part in terrorist activities can be seen (and should be seen) as “mentally sane”, insofar as they are conscious of what they are doing, and they are fully aware of the consequences that will follow.

Taking it beyond mere sanity, people who partake in terrorism can also be seen as very rational, in that they establish clear objectives and then set out to meet those objectives through careful and calculated steps.

(c) Paul Bonnici

CQC: Dow we, therefore, need a different take on counter-terrorism to confront the phenomenon of rising terrorism worldwide, more effectively?

It seems, that there is a growing belief, that terrorism is a kind of random act carried out by “mad” individuals.

Under this premise, there would be nothing what you can really do about these acts of “random violence” initiated by “lone wolfs” and “underground terror cells”.

Is this true? Or can police and law enforcement units be trained to counteract these “unpredictable” forms of violence?

Paul Bonnici: I believe that these claims and predictions about the situation that we are facing, constitute the starting point of any respectable training program.

The idea of proactive tactical training systems from the recognition that early preemptive work, when no real danger is seen or felt can effectively prevent a potential crime from manifesting itself in the first place

CQC: So, tactical training for security forces should become more proactive, more preemptive?

Paul Bonnici: Proactive security should be the priority.

And must not be confused with the much better-understood field or reactive security, which springs into action out of the urgent necessity to counter a crime that has already begun.

From my perspective, this is too late, so the focus of our attention must be on proactive security.

When reactive security is needed, the Confined Area Tactical Solution “CATS” is your best option.

(c) Paul Bonnici

CQC: Can you tell us more about your system, the “Confined Area Tactical Solution”.

Paul Bonnici: CATS was designed by a fusion of tactics taken from years of experience and training with some of the best special forces units, such as the Israel IDF – Shin Bet, FBI – Hostage Rescue Team, Italian 9th Parachutist Assault Regiment – Col Moschin and other units that I had the opportunity to work and train with, and that task is still covered by OPSEC.

CQC: Can you tell some details without giving away too much of your tactical secrets?

Paul Bonnici: My CATS system emphasizes on perfect cover, weapon flow, and understanding how the human behavior interacts with tactics, with the latest modern learning platform.

The CATS program uses active resistance, latest weapon handling and shooting platform, mental visualization, brain training, and as I mentioned before, weapon flow and understanding how the human behavior interacts in tactical situations under stress.

CATS system will provide a strong foundation to efficiently conduct room clearing and domination with more flexibility, safety, and dynamic movements, that you could ever imagine. “THERE’S NO PERFECT CQB BUT PERFECT COVER”

(c) Paul Bonnici

CQC: Is there any cornerstone, any fundamental idea, behind your method?

Paul Bonnici: My method of tactical entry is behavioral based… making it scientific, and wrapped around what will actually happen to a tactical operator, when he is conducting high-risk entries.

The Confine Area Tactical Solution “CATS” method is safer, faster, and extremely lethal when done correctly.

I realize that it’s difficult to let go of years of training that you’ve gone through.

Trust me, and have a look at what we’re teaching.

The only thing that ever enters first in any of the rooms is the round traveling towards to the immediate threat at a speed of 1200/2400 FPS.

To make it short: Confine Area Tactical Solution is a hybrid of what works best in all tactical systems and what works in real life, not just on papers. 

Just to give you a small glimpse into it, without giving away too much intel:

Normally in Close Quarters Battle we call the first man “Point Man”.

In Confine Area Tactical Solution we call him “Pathfinder”. 

If you got some background in Tactical Training or SOF, I am pretty sure that you will understand, that there can be a slight but crucial difference in the meaning of these two words.

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