Paul Bonnici: Curiosity Is The Desire To Learn

Paul Bonnici, Head Instructor of Elite Spartan Tactical Concept, about the search for perfection, realistic tactical training and becoming a great tactical shooter!

Learn how to balance your strength and weakness. 

Get the role of curiosity for becoming a great instructor and highly skilled operator!

Tactical Training Low Light Environment (c) by Paul Bonnici

Paul Bonnici about being an instructor and operator

Taking on a career as a Instructor and a Operator puts you into the category of a Tactical Combat Training, while being functional tactical fit and combat ready is a necessity for the role whilst learning common faults and how to build a good baseline.

As operational Instructor and Operator I should possess a well-rounded arsenal of fitness and tactical baseline!

Keeping a balance between strengths and weaknesses is a major factor for maintaining all round, long-term effectiveness and severability.

Paul Bonnici (c) by Paul Bonnici

Thousands of hours practicing tactical training

When it comes to firearms training, if you want to be a truly great tactical shooter with a good tactical mindset, you too need to seek perfection in every aspect of your training program and always start training from the basics.

Solid fundamentals are required to become the best in any tactical skill that you require, especially in tactical shooting where you need to train your brain not just your finger.

I spend thousands of hours practicing and yet I continue to search and question techniques, failures and success in real life situation.

I am always curious what I can master and how I can be better and more efficient.

Curiosity is the key to open the doors that leads to new knowledge, new skills and new experience.

by Paul Bonnici

Paul Bonnici and Team Zero (c) by Paul Bonnici

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