Paul Bonnici: 3 Steps Against Lone Wolf Terrorism

Bloody vehicle rampage in Barcelona!

Deadly knife attack in Finland!

A growing numbers of lethal knife attacks in Germany!

Europe faces of a new, deadly form of terrorism: Lone Wolf Attacks!

Paul Bonnici, former SOF unit member and tactical trainer, about how Europe should counter this phenomenon!

Lone Wolf Terrorists: What has to be done to protect our security?

After the recent spike of “lone wolf” terrorist attacks in Europe, it has become clear that we are sitting ducks.

This “lone wolf” attackers have initiated cruel and deadly attacks on their own with no planning or coordination with others.

Attacks of this category are hard to come by.

Mostly there are no intelligence signals triggered upfront and their random nature is difficult to prevent, even by armed first responders nearby.

So what can be done to protect public safety and homeland security?

© Fox News, Barcelona under attack

1st Step: Vigilance!

A key part of this is what the security industry refers to as “situational awareness”.

It is an effective tool for those are trained how to use it properly.

The authorities should start and fund general training programs to train people in security awareness.

This training program has to start from schools.

And some European countries should start to teach first aid (some do, but the program really could extend to a more serious obligation for all people in Europe).

This kind of training will not be only help to prevent attacks in the first place, but also to understand how to react once an attack is underway.

Or to provide lifesaving emergency aid like it was urgently needed after the bloody rampage in Barcelona, yesterday!

It can happen anytime, anywhere! We cannot take this lightly anymore!

Turku, Finland, after knife attack © unknown, on Twitter

2nd Step: Overcoming our Egos!

The complex systems of dealing with terrorism requires professional and efficient synchronization of military, police and civilian agencies, intelligence agencies with government, public, and private elements.

To overcoming the real problem, the obstacles of personal and organizational egos – in order to guarantee the safety and security – have to been removed to make our institutions, coordination and response time more efficient.

This will not only win our recent battle with terrorists, but also lead to ongoing achievements and perhaps even an overall victory in our war against terrorism.

3rd Step: Armed Citizens

When police and the military can’t be everywhere, the last line of defense is having more trained licenses citizens to carry conceal carry.

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