Paolo Simeone: How to improve your movements, skills and gear

Paolo Simeone, Head Instructor of Paolo Simeone Tactical and Team Zero, on:

How to improve your movements, skills and gear. 

New exercises to push your performance in agility and accuracy!

Optimize clothes, holsters and your grip to be better prepared for real life situations!

Tactical Training: A secret and my rule of thumb!

Here is the secret to improve your tactical skills immediately:

Dry training!

The best way to improve your movements and test your skills/gear in tactical training is dry training!

My rule of thumb: 70% of your gun training must be dry drills.

For example, with your pistol, try to organize an ongoing routine of training with exercise, sets and reps.

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Tactical Training: My best advice for you

Here is my best advice for you how to maintain a good set of regular dry drills if you work with a concealed weapon:

  • Dress with your everyday clothes (suit, tie, jacket etc)
  • Put a small target on the wall
  • Use the holsters that you carry everyday
  • Practice 4/5 sets of 12 reps draws

You need to focus on stance and grip when you draw.

Don’t mind about the speed

Start slow and do all the parts of the exercise in a perfect way.

If you notice lack of grip, in your support hand grip, in balance, front sight focus etc. – just slow down and fix your problem!

Than you can practice emergency reload and tactical reload.

Train in your workwear © Paolo Simeone

Training, fitness, drills!

Use the „gym scheme“ for your tactical training:

Exercise, Sets, Reps!

If you do some burpees between the reps you can improve your fitness, practice your drills under a minimum of stress and test your equipment.

If the pistol or other parts of your equipment will fall you need to change or improve your gear.

Don’t arrive at the shooting range without testing your equipment before!

More about Paolo Simeone

Paolo Simeone is of Head Instructor of Paolo Simeone Tactical and Team Zero.

He travels around the world to train military units, close protection service professionals and special forces.

His headquarter is in Italy.

Paolo’s trainings are frequently in many countries available.

Check out his training schedule here:

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