Paolo Simeone: What is the best pistol for beginners?

CQC: Dear Paolo, could you give us some advice on how to start as beginner in tactical training and armed self-defense?

Paolo Simeone: Yes, recently I was talking with an old friend that was in the navy with me.

He get is gun licence and was asking for a pistol to buy.

Some dork from some shooting range told him to get a Beretta 9mm (the old M9).

Nothing to say against this pistol but to be honest if you start shooting is better start with the right step.

Glock is the right step.

As soon you get better maybe you can chose to buy, for example, … a Glock… but as a beginner you must shoot with… a Glock.

Don’t believe the various bullshitters that you can meet in Facebook or other social media.

When they suggest something watch their profile – watch what they have done in their life.

Italy for example is the country of the wannabes – so be careful, guys out there!

Go for a Glock first!

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