Exciting news for all tactical training fans who are looking for the real deal!

Paolo Simeone, a member of Team Zero (Instructor Zero) and a close friend of Paul Bonnici, has just started his own Youtube channel! 

Paolo with Instructor Zero, Team Zero (c) Paolo Simeone

We had a talk with Paolo on the 2nd International Bodyguard Conference (ATAC, Czech Republic) and we can assure you: 

This channel will become a great one! Promise!

Sophisticated real life tactical stuff.

No B.S. here!

Only battlefield tested real life tactics and drills by one of the best tactical trainer out there!

Paolo Simeone in service (c) Paolo Simeone

Please, jump on the train, support the man and enjoy the upcoming tactical ride! 

We are excited! 

Paolo Simeone with Paul Bonnici at ATAC (c) Paul Bonnici

Watch Paolo Simeone on Youtube:

Click the image to start the video! 


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