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How to help officers to survive on the street

Jared Wihongi: “For me this is a kind of personal thing, because my professional background is in law enforcement. I worked on the street. I was a police academy instructor.

I was given the responsibility, wich I took seriously, to train officers to survive violent encounters.

My goal has always been to help officers to survive on the street, to make it back home to their families everyday, to increase their abilities to survive a violent encounter.

But also to take resisting offenders into custody as safe as possible. Less damage to the bad guy, ideally, but the endgame is always the surviving of the officer.”

Jared Wihongi: “So, for me it is personal thing. As I evolved into military training I felt the same passion to help soldiers to raise the odds to survive these kinds of violent combative encounters

In the chaos of a violent encounter on the streets you will find yourself in positions you probably didn’t train in this environment.

And so, if you can give people the base there, that defense-techniques are more universal principles and then you give them techniques they can apply as universally as possible… than the more likely is it that they actually use it to solve the problem as it unfolds in a street level encounter.”

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Jared Wihongi trains police officers and military personnel worldwide: Europe, South America, Middle East. 

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