Training Schedule July 2017

Government Training Institute (GTI): Barnwell and Milford

Here are the upcoming training courses for July 2017:


Decommission Nuclear Fuels Processing Plant
Over 200,000 Square Feet of Buildings
Rappel and Fast Rope

Live Fire / Explosives Range – Scalable up to 300 Yards
CQC structures-SRTA and Simunition® throughout
800 Meter Sniper Range

50 Million Gallon Controlled Access Private-Water Training Area
Towers and Ascending Structures for Fast Roping and Rappelling at Multiple Heights and Difficulties

Facilities to mimic small or large scale CBRNE production and operations

Rotary Wing Roof top Landings
Certified Helipad – MH53 / CH47 Capable
Miles of Pipes and Large Tanks

Driving Area for Convoy Operations and PSD Training
Secure Environment to Conduct a Wide Variety of Tactics, Techniques, Procedures, and Equipment Testing & Evaluation

Complex is Simunition® and SRTA ® Capable
Night Vision Electro Optics – Blackout Capable
Briefing Areas / Classrooms

The Joint Operations Center is located at 1321 Technology Drive Barnwell, SC 29812.

To schedule a tour of our training facility or for information on training, and/or facility rental pricing contact:

The Government Training Institute (GTI)
Via Email: [email protected]
By calling the office: 866-938-5510


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