Ex-SAS soldier Rusty Firmin: The 1980 Iranian Embassy siege

Unseen source material from ex-SAS soldier Rusty Firmin.

The full and true account by the leader of SAS Team Blue!

The assault planning, training, strategy and all tactics are described in detail for the first time!

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Source material from ex-SAS soldier Rusty Firmin

GO! GO! GO! tells the action-packed story of the 1980 Iranian Embassy siege.

The first comprehensive account of the storming of the Iranian Embassy in London in 1980.

It is a comprehensive, detailed and gripping account of an unforgettable six-day drama that shook Britain — and the wider world — to the core.

Drawing on original and unseen source material from ex-SAS soldier Rusty Firmin, the police and the British Government, GO! GO! GO! takes us to the heart of the whole operation.

Rusty Firmin: “That is what happened!”

Rusty Firmin told Close Quarters Combat Network:

„It took 16 minutes to get into position!

That’s both red and blue team.

Once we had the command „Go Go Go“ it took 11 minutes to clear 56 rooms on six levels.

That is what happened.

Most magazines, newspapers and sources got it wrong.

I was the blue team leader and I have the original presentation from 1980 with the exact details on it.

That’s why my book „Go Go Go“ as it says on the front page cover is the definitive story.

It is always better to go to a source that took part on the day rather than go to sources or people who have an interest in the SAS.

They have never been in the SAS.”

The SAS assault: planning, training, tactics

The assault planning and training, strategy and tactics are described in detail, and the personal stories of the gunmen revealed — who they were, where they came from, why they did it and Saddam Hussein’s direct involvement.

Compelling accounts of each day of the siege from the hostages’ points of view show how they dealt with captivity individually and collectively.

New material explains the negotiators’ tactics and their cool exterior versus their internal turmoil as negotiations reached crisis point.

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