Interview: Bartosz Bryl, Managing Director of ESA, about the biggest trends in Tactical Training, the future of Tactical Training and upcoming threats security professionals have to face!

European Security Academy (ESA): An Introduction

European Security Academy (ESA) was founded 1992 by Dr. Andrzej Bryl.

Dr. Andrzej Bryl was the creator of Poland’s first fighting system in close combat, system-named BAS, which is used by special military forces and anti-terrorist subunits of the Polish police.

He was a consultant for Polish army and police units in the field of weapon acquisitions, training plans and others.

Later he founded Central and Eastern Europe’s first professional Special Training Center for uniformed services and for civil protection agencies, since then called CSS.

He the owner of the fast developing consortium DELTA SECURITY GROUP, employing almost 2,000 people.

ESA is the training arm of its activities providing tactical training for close protection service professionals, SOF unit members, law enforcement and qualified civilians.

We were able to talk to Bartosz Bryl, Managing Director of ESA, about the company’s origins, the most important trends within the security industry and the future of tactical training in Europe.

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ESA: Advanced training for security, law enforcement and military

CQC: Dear Bartosz, could you tell our readers how it all started?

When and why was the European Security Academy founded?

What was the initial goal of founding ESA and how did it manage to grow into one of the leading providers of security training in Europe?

Bartosz Bryl: The European Security Academy was founded in 1992.

ESA’s main mission is to provide advanced training programs for security, law enforcement and military professionals as well as civilians.

We offer specialized training and courses for a wide range of missions, terrain and tactical situations.

We can train both; individuals and units applying our knowledge and experience to support their stated objectives.

Our instructors team is a selected group of experts with a long term experience in law enforcement and military units.

Majority of them is coming from either Police or Military SOF.

The European Security Academy also offers training around the world.

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The Academy can bring any of our listed courses to your agency/facility or we can customize a class especially for your needs.

Our main expertise is focusing on following topics:

  • Close Protection
  • High Risk Protection
  • Maritime Protection
  • Tactical Shooting
  • BAS Combat System
  • Security Driving
  • Paramedical Response
  • Law Enforcement
  • Military

Depending on the profile of the course, training methods & scenarios are carefully designed by our Instructors in order to provide you with the best training possible.

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The biggest trends in Tactical Training

CQC: What do you think is the future of tactical training?

Let’s say, for the next 3 years?

What kind of trends will we see in tactical training, especially here in Europe?

Bartosz Bryl: I think that the tendency in training will remain.

We will continue to offer 3 main products which are Close Protection Operative, Maritime Security Operative and PSD.

Obviously, there might be some changes with regards to particular topics which is always strongly depending on RUOF regulations as well as ICoC and ISO standards of Private Military Companies.

I believe that for civilians, not working in the sector, there will be growing a tendency of taking part in courses such as first aid, security driving, home defense and tactical pistol.

Simply because, people are getting more aware of the threats that bring the modern life society and those more aware of it will try to prevent it by undergoing specialized class.

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Facing upcoming security threats in Europe

CQC: Would you share some of your thoughts about Europe’s security situation for the years to come?

What kind of security challenges will Europe have to face and what should security professional keep in mind to counter these threats accordingly?

Bartosz Bryl: Because of the current migration crisis and threats that it’s bringing, I believe that Active Shooter Course response or so called imminent threat response courses shall be popularized as much as basic first aid courses.

An 8 hours class with descent instructor can really safe live of masses.

And we should not be thinking that what has happened in the past in UK, France or Germany will not happen in our City.

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We never know when we will find ourselves in the situation that might need from us this kind of alertness.

For example, suffering such terror attacks in the past, the Israeli society is being trained on the daily basis on how to avoid becoming a victim.

Still, even though they really do a lot to prevent active shooter attack – they suffer.


Because the threat, the terrorism is something that is constantly changing.

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