Ariana Grande suicide bombing: 3 security lessons to learn

Will the Ariana Grande concert bombing change the way we handle terror threats?

What will you do, if your life and the life of your family is in danger?

Are you prepared for the unthinkable?

Victim or survivor and savior – YOU decide! 

The new wave of terror: One big lesson after the shock!

The Ariana Grande suicide bombing was not only a big shock it also changes the way you have to handle your security and the security of your family.

The first big lesson: The public space is not a save haven.

You don’t have to become fearful or even paranoid but you better maintain a healthy „situational awareness“.

Be more aware of what is going on around you!

„Situational awareness“ is your new responsibility in the age of terrorism.

You cannot (or at least you should not) live like a sleepwalker and leave the anticipation and evaluation of possible threats to the police.

These days are over.

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The first line of defense against terrorism

Modern threats are so complex and imminent – especially in popular places with some „symbolic values“ for the twisted ideology of modern terrorists – that you can not leave their anticipation to the police.

In most cases police units can only respond. They are responders.

The first line of defense is: YOU.

Today more than ever the police depends on YOU to be fully aware of the risks and threats around you.

If YOUR awareness works well the police will do their job also well by responding on clear and open threats.

If you live your life like a sleepwalker constantly numb and unaware what is going on around you, you are lowering the chances that the police can respond fast and effectively on any given threat.

It is the new rule of our complex world that you are carrying more weight on your shoulders by the need of being more responsible for you and your family’s safety.

That is the way it is. You better get used to it.

These odds maybe save your life

What does all this mean for real life situations?

Well, first: Do not become a paranoid weirdo who leaves his house only with an AR-15 and camouflage gear, just because he has seen some random acts of terrorism on TV.

Act normal.

If you start to carry fear through the day the terrorists have won the battle.

Live your life but keep your eyes open.

Maintain a healthy awareness of what is going on around you.

In public places take some time to look around:

  • Where is the police?
  • In wich direction will you run, if you need to?
  • Is there any useful hiding or cover?

If you make it a habit, it will be just a matter of seconds.

You do not have to freak out and make a paramilitary escape plan for every family trip.

Just check some basics and then get back to „normal“ and enjoy what ever you do.

If the shit really hits the fan, you will have at least a basic plan and an idea what to do.

This is still more than 99.99% of the people around you do for their security. 

And these tiny odds maybe will save your life and the life of your family one day.

Don’t freak out – but maintain a reasonable awareness of what is going on around you and how you can respond on possible threats or disasters.

Terrorism: Be aware that anything can happen

Let’s get to lesson No. 2: Be prepared!

Let’s be honest. If someone wears a suicide vest just right beside you and he has the will to use it, then there will be not much you can do.

Most likely this will never happen to you.

But: In case of danger or a possible threat BE AWARE that anything can happen.

And be prepared for it.

If you go to a concert with your kids: Be aware and dedicated to take care for them when something weird or dangerous happens.

Stick to a solid attitude of not worrying too much but also not to fall mentally asleep.

Don’t be one of the „living sleepwalker“ without a proper reaction time on possible threats.

Be prepared for anything (even the unimaginable). Be ready to act if necessary.

That will change your destiny from being a victim to become a survivor – and in best case a savior of others.

Terror threats: Are you ready to do the right thing?

If you see somebody acting weird in a large crowd or public place, be  p r e a r e d  that anything can happen, even a lethal terrorist attack.

Being prepared means: You have the guts to inform a police man if you notice something that calls your attention and you do not retreat yourself into cheap excuses like:

„Maybe it’s nothing…. I don’t want to get into trouble…“

Maybe it is nothing. Maybe you make a fool out of yourself.

But this is a far better thing to do than later washing your kids’s blood from your own clothes after a very sad moment of thinking: „I saw it coming… and I did nothing…!“

Being prepared means: You are ready to leave the place, if something „smells bad“ … even if it makes you unpopular within your family or friends for that day.

Are you ready to do the right thing – even against some resistance and the risk to make a fool out of yourself – to make sure that all your loved ones stay safe?

Do not underestimate the effect of peer pressure and the power of cheap excuses to avoid trouble.

Be prepared.

Please ask yourself for a moment: „When did I learn something about first aid the last time?“ – Be honest.

Being prepared means to become a more responsible person.

A person who get his hands wet, who is maintains a healthy awareness and is ready to take risk for the sake of his family and the people around himself.

Ariane Grande Concert after the attack

Counter Terror Lesson No. 3: Be ready to act!

Situational awareness + being prepared leads directly to lesson No. 3: Be ready to act!

Awareness and preparation are worthless if you can not pull the trigger when it comes to face a real threat.

Do you see the vehicle coming and something seems wrong?

Do recognize a person acting strange, mumbling, sweating, starring maybe praying in a crowed place?

Do you see a stranger carrying a gun under his clothes?

Time to act.

Call the police. Talk to the security.

Maybe tackle him down, if you feel, that a serious escalation is immanent.

Yes, maybe you make a fool out of yourself and you will be the laughing stock on every party for a while.

Maybe you will face some legal consequences if you tackle down a guy  who has just the flu and was reaching out mumbling and sweating for his paracetamol and not for a gun or suicide vest.

Yes, it is a risk to be a responsible person in dangerous times.

Most likely you will be wrong, yes, that is the way it is. 

But when you are NOT wrong you will save your life and the life of your wife, your children, your friends and maybe the life of many more innocent people.

Will you take the odds?

You should!

Read the story about the marines who beat up a guy entering an train in Europe with a Kalashnikov.

He was not out for shopping!

And these guys stopped him in an act of courage and situational awareness.

Take a goo look into that story and you will find exactly what we are taking about:

Situational awareness
Being prepared (even for the unthinkable)
Having the guts to act!

Please ask your self: Am I ready for this?

You should be!




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